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"Truss house" on Lake Tahoe:

Located on the main road around Lake Tahoe this house is actually an addition and remodel to an old dilapidated house originally built right on the road due to a steep and difficult site. 

The new eco house (green building) is structurally supported by a rust patina steel truss cantilevering over the steep site allowing less site building coverage and less negative environmental impact to this Lake Tahoe sensitive natural site.

Due to high levels of road noise because of the house being on a busy state route, the house was designed with no windows on that side, the siding on that side is textured recycled tire rubber to absorb sound. Garage siding is wire retained fractured local rock (sloped gabion style rock wall) to blend in with local natural environment with a green growing roof planted with local indigenous Lake Tahoe mountain plants and wildflowers. The green growing roof is meant to lessen the visual impact of this green eco house as travelers enjoy the spectacular Lake Tahoe view while they are passing by.

Master bedroom is designed with all glass to lake view wrapping around to a partial glass floor to view natural site features as: boulder outcroppings and downward view of lake. Roll-up glass garage doors are designed on each side of master bedroom wing to open up as far as possible to this very special, natural outside environment.

environmentally conscious ARCHITECTbuilder: Ken Meffan

natural architect


truss house, Lake Tahoe









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