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This house in Rough and Ready is designed as a healthy house eco living environment an example of how to be green, with strong relationships to the outdoor natural setting. The natural house invites the outside in. Large multiple sliding doors and expanses of glass are designed to open up the natural house to the outside environment and deteriorate the rigid division from interior space to outside environment, space that 99% of houses have completely ignored. The attached greenhouse space is also intended as another transitional space to outside, a kind of intermediate space, coaxing the outside in. The plants are to help purify the interior air quality and promote a healthier interior living environment; the natural architect’s theory is; if plants are healthy in an enclosed environment then humans should be healthy also, it’s a bit of a mini organic biosphere.


This house is natural architecture solution to a natural wooded site near Rough and Ready California near Grass Valley and Nevada City in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills; the old Mother-Load, 49er’s area of northern California. House in Rough and Ready has been featured in Dwell Magazine and M.T.V. teen cribs program.


Natural materials: raw concrete, rough sawn wood from local sustainable logging, straw bales, earthen plasters and recycled materials are used to construct this “green” environmentally conscious house.


Lower ground levels are acid stained concrete with leaves and ferns trowled in, the effect resembling fossils. The house is designed in levels following the site terrain with a couch built into the levels. Upper floor is recycled old beams re-milled into planks finished with oil.  Over the master bed is a openable roof/skylight to view and relate to the night sky.


environmentally conscious ARCHITECTbuilder: Ken Meffan

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