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Architectural philosophy:


My sprits are enlightened by an architecture that enforces and grows out of the natural environment and indigenous architecture of a region.


As a natural architect, organic architect I am in constant pursuit of architectural solutions that respects natural materials as: wood, stone, exposed concrete, raw steel, glass, straw bales, rammed earth, ………. These natural materials, assembled in unique ways contribute to our relationship to our Earth connection. To use this “natural material” vocabulary in sustainable, creative ways strengthen our Human being – nature, connection and enforces our bond to our eco system.


Nature is the correct solution-------

Reverence for our environment and to advocate strongly for its preservation is my direction in architecture and living.


As an environmental architect, green architect, green builder and environmentalist I have utter respect for nature, My goal is to create living environments that co-habitat and promote healthy natural environments. Architecture and shelter that invites the natural World inside, to create sustainable living environments that enhance our lives with good Earth relationships.


I am sensitive to our environment in my design and living, thinking processes. I endeavor to create healthy living environments where people can contemplate and be enriched by nature, there-by being inspired to contribute in return to the preservation of nature, as a caring, most precious gift to our brother Human being, fellow Earth journey trekkers and our loved children’s children.------


Every individual and future individual has an inherent right to a relationship with a beautiful, healthy and wondrous environment.


My goal is the enhancement of peoples lives and life experiences through a natural architecture and organic living example.


                               Ken Meffan

------Environmentally conscious architect builder -----



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